Penthouses Stefano Boeri Architetti


The interior designers from Stefano Boeri Interiors want you to feel good and happy in your own home. Therefore, especially for the penthouses, they have created three different interior concepts that you can choose from if you like.


These penthouses are a tribute to the aesthetics of Milanese interiors with a contemporary touch. By combining new technologies with refined and handcrafted materials such as Crema Avorio marble, terrazzo floor with Travertine marble inserts and brass details, a unique spatial expression is created. A luxurious and eclectic interior design that speaks a sophisticated contemporary language.


These penthouses are developed as open-plan housing typologies. The timeless aesthetic neutrality of clay allows warm wooden elements to create a mellow space atmosphere, while transparent and milky glass radiated the light in the environment. Truly warm and inviting.


These penthouses have a dynamic and alternative style, which is defined by the use of new materials, as well as classic materials. The walls alternate between limestone cladding and accents of striped ceramic tiles, without creating a distinction between the intended use of the rooms, giving a unique language throughout the apartment. A rustic yet sophisticated atmosphere.


All the finishes and furniture were carefully selected to ensure the best comfort while respecting environmental sustainability.

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Penthouse R


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Penthouse U+T


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