The Dom Tower City

It’s hard not to fall in love with Utrecht, it embodies genuine Dutch “gezelligheid”. Gezelligheid is one of those untranslated words – it is about cosiness, general togetherness, that pleasant feeling when you get to see a friend after a long time or the peace you experience when spending time with loved ones.


This delightful Dutch city is the fourth largest in the Netherlands and has the best of everything that belongs to a large city, such as culture, bustling restaurants, fine boutiques, historic architecture and beautiful green areas. It is a very pleasant city where you immediately feel at home setting itself apart from other Dutch cities by the terraces that sit upon its canals. It’s stunning!


Moreover, it’s a true cycling city. Wherever you go, you cannot miss the Dom tower, the city’s pride and joy. Utrecht is typically Dutch, yet International, with all the cities of the Randstad close by! The world is at your feet with Utrecht Central Station just a stone’s throw away from Wonderwoods. What more could you want?


Wonderwoods is located right in the heart of Utrecht, just a stone’s throw away from Utrecht Central Station. It is located on the corner of the Jaarbeursboulevard and the Croeselaan, right across the Beatrix Theatre. Curious about the surroundings?

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Heart of Utrecht

Beurskwartier will be a metropolitan area in which Healthy Urban Living and sustainability are at its core. Utrecht’s latest neighbourhood is still under development. This new kid on the block will be lively, green and car-free. No wonder that Wonderwoods will be part of it! Wonderwoods is located at the corner of Croeselaan and Jaarbeursboulevard.


Via the Moreelsebrug you can easily walk to the Mariaplaats, one of the most famous squares in Utrecht named after Maria church that unfortunately is no longer there. You will find many nice restaurants and cool concept stores at the Mariaplaats. Via the Zadelstraat – the oldest paved shopping street in Utrecht – you can easily walk to Utrecht’s icon; how could it be otherwise the Dom Tower.


Utrecht is full of excellent restaurants, cosy restaurants and bars and other trendy places – where not only the food is to die for, but also the interior is a feast for the eyes. You will not get bored easily, thanks to this beautiful range!

Penthouses & Specials

Utrecht provides all the big city amenities whilst maintaining a village feel. It’s an inspiring place with Healthy Urban Living at its core making it an inspiring place to call home. Authentically Dutch and yet international.

Healthy Urban Quarter

When Wonderwoods is completed, the rest of the Beurskwartier will start construction. According to the plans of the Municipality of Utrecht, construction work will be carried out in the immediate vicinity for a maximum of 2-3 years after completion.


Approximately 5.000 residences

Car free zone

2 city parks

Hospitality, arts and culture

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