Wonderwoods Factsheet

360 trees

9,640 plants and shrubs

10,000 plants of different species

10 meter maximum tree height

1 hectare of greenery

5,400 kg CO2 absorbed per year

41,400 kg/year of oxygen produced

Residences Factsheet

Wonderwoods includes 3 specials on the 12th, 13th and 14th floor of the tower of Stefano Boeri Architetti and 6 two-story penthouses on the 29th and 30th floor, the top floor of the building. These specials and apartments vary from approx. 180 to 290 sq.m. Next to that, Wonderwoods includes 5 penthouses on the top floor of the tower of MVSA Architects, the 20th floor and the 21st floor. These one- and two-story penthouses range from approximately 110 to 200 square meters.

A comfortable and durable underfloor heating and cooling.

A balanced ventilation system with heat recovery for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

High efficiency insulating glass (HR ++) in the outer frames.

Private outdoor space(s) with wooden parts as ceiling finish and a light point.

Each apartment has an internal and external storage room. The external storage room is located on the 4th or 6th floor of the Tower of Stefano Boeri Architetti and for the residents of the Tower of MVSA Architects on the 21st floor.

A number of reserved bicycle spots (5 in total per penthouse) in the spacious bicycle shed.