A vibrant destination

Be amazed by the green world called Wonderwoods. At this vibrant destination all aspects of life will come together: living, working, culture, leisure, food and drink. A place that will steal your heart.


Are you curious? Come along! We will show you what we mean.


Catch up with friends or enjoy lunch or dinner at the 7th-floor restaurant overlooking the green roof park while watching birds flutter from tree to tree. Have fun with your family, relax on a swing, play a game of table tennis or watch the setting sun on the first roof park in Utrecht. In the mood for culture? Then visit Nowhere: Europe’s first “Digital Art Space” focussing entirely on “Immersive Digital Art”. Healthy food is key to the Wonderwoods concept. There will be something for everyone from original high-quality shops and restaurants and bars. You don’t want to miss this!

Roof park

Unwind whenever you please on our roof park which is purely designed for rejuvenation – of the body, the mind and the soul. Enjoy a spectaculair view over the city, especially calming at sunrise and sunset. It has been designed by ARCADIS Landschapsarchitectuur as a variety of exterior spaces for relaxing, meeting up with friends or just to read a book.

The Gym

Keep fit your way. Research has shown that exercise is healthy for the body and mind. Wonderwoods encourages a healthy lifestyle. The emphasis at The Gym at Wonderwoods is on the use of simple sports equipment and is based on the power of the human body.


The restaurant on the 7th floor of the tower of Stefano Boeri Architetti serves lunch and dinner, and not just little nibbles—the kitchen impresses with daring and healthy dishes. Every now and then it’s satisfying to stay in for the evening and just enjoy the company.

Healthy amenities

Right at your doorstep

Plenty of healthy (food) concepts right at your doorstep at the Jaarbeursboulevard. For your daily espresso machiatto (also to go) or a healthy lunch this is where you need to be.


Nowhere will transcend any notions of a traditional museum or gallery, as it hosts a new type of multisensory and interactive digital art exhibition that actively encourages participation with the public. Nowhere is a new 3,000 m² digital art space and is located at the Jaarbeursboulevard.


Nowhere is scheduled to open in early 2024 with a permanent exhibition by art collective teamLab.


Discover your place in a wonderful world full of flora and fauna. Relax, unwind and surrender to the rhythm of nature. This is Wonderwoods.

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